• Obidos is the best example of a typical Portuguese city surrounded by a city wall. It is a popular destination for tourists in the region around Lisbon.

  • Obidos was traditionally presented to the Queen of Portugal on her wedding day.

  • This tradition started with Queen Urraca in 1214 and continued into the 19th century. This royal patronage left lasting traces and is the reason why Obidos is today considered one of the most characterful cities in Portugal.

  • There is a lot to discover for visitors in this charming city: old cobblestone streets, traditionally painted houses and an imposing medieval castle.

  • Obidos may not be so impressive with its size - the city is rather small. However, you won't find a better example of a traditional Portuguese city in Portugal.

  • The region around Obidos is just as fascinating. Visit the Peniche fishing port, the pristine beaches of Lagoa de Obidos or the largest collection of Buddha statues in Europe in Buddha Eden

  • Obidos is the ideal starting point for exploring the region. In recent years, the city has blossomed into a popular vacation spot.