• 1. 5-storey building, sold empty (floor 1 was occupied until January 2019 and floor 5 until December 2018).

  • 2. It is located in the heart of the historic center of Lisbon, in the attractive and tourist area of ​​Mouraria, next to modern and attractive hotel units.

  • 3. The main factor for the upgrade is the privileged location in a safe, peaceful and quiet area next to the Palácio da Rosa and less than 15 minutes walk from: 2 subway stations; Downtown; Rossios; Chiado do; Castelo and Alfama; and the ability to legalize local accommodations.

  • 4. Includes 6 breaks in the design book, increasing versatility to improve the use of hotels or tourist / local accommodation (in October 2018, three registration numbers were given by Turismo de Portugal, IP-87035; 87057; 87049 - for 3 groups in Buildings - for the purpose of furnishing local accommodation). We also inform you that this document is the only valid title available to the public. (Please note that portability details must be specified in the CML!).

  • 5. It should be added that three of the 6 factions of the building were declared free by the Lisbon City Council over 5 years ago! To license the activity of the local accommodation and the fact that the other three groups already reach the age of 3 years (see regulation at: http://www.cm-lisboa.pt/viver/urbanismo/alhost-local) )

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