• The beach Lagoa da Albufeira is exposed on the other side to all the power of the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to a 26 km long stretch of coast called Costa da Caparica. On the inland side, three small rivers form two deep lagoons that have made their way into the soft sand.

  • Both lagoons extend about a kilometer inland. On the eastern side there is a wetland (Lagoa da Estacada), a paradise for waders.
    Beginners can try their hand at kite- or windsurfing in the sheltered lagoon. The big waves and the strong wind on the coast are ideal for experienced surfers and kite surfers.

  • The beach Lagoa de Albufeira is very popular with Portuguese day trips, but hardly known by foreign tourists. In the middle of the pristine forests that surround the lagoon, there are lonely footpaths and a quiet landscape.
    Lagoa de Albufeira is not near the popular holiday resort of Albufeira in the Algarve.
    Lagoa de Albufeira is located 15 km from Sesimbra and 36 km from Lisbon (fastest route).

  • The village of the same name is located on the southern side of the lagoon, near the mouth of the lagoon and the beach. Day trips always go to the southern side of the lagoon. There is no access from the north.

  • There is a parking lot near the beach, but it fills up quickly in the summer months. You can also park in the back streets. If you are on your way too late, finding a parking space becomes a pain and you have to take a long walk to the beach.

  • Children can bathe safely in the water of the lagoon. It's also relatively clean. In the summer months, the beach on the lagoon side is monitored by lifeguards. The high sandbar offers protection from the strong sea winds.